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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the 49th edition of the European Calcified Tissues Society Congress, ECTS 2022.  The congress takes place in the city of Helsinki, Finland, from 7th to 10th May 2022, with a pre-congress day on 6th of May.

We look forward to ECTS 2022 offering us the chance to finally meet again personally in the ECTS family, within the always friendly, dynamic and stimulating environment of the ECTS meetings. Helsinki is a safe and pleasant destination with excellent direct flight connections from most major cities in Europe and many international hubs.

During the event, we will cover and discuss the latest research developments in the field of calcified tissues and musculoskeletal diseases and how these will translate into clinical practice and benefit patients.  As usual, we aim to offer you the opportunity to network with experts and peers from around the world and share ideas and best practices.

ECTS 2022 will feature symposia, presentations, training courses and workshops.  You will be able to meet experts and peers from around the world and share ideas and best practices.  ECTS 2022 will be the place where scientific research and clinical practice meet!

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and present during #ECTS2022.

More info will be available soon!